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"Oh wow." I stay silent and looks at him in anger and confusion. "You are.." He pauses and lifts the corner of my mouth with his thumb. " matter what" I frown, unable to grasp his words. He roughly pushes me and the chain clanks against the wall My left ankle is now throbbing and the pain causes me to let out a cry. "Ah, you're so beautiful." He holds both my shoulder and leans in. A ray of Moon light lands directly on him. I look up to see the small wondow above the shut door. He suddenly hangs in midair and soon buries his head on my shoulder. His hands slide from my shoulders to my wrists. His breathe is heavy and hot on my skin, almost like fire. I close my eyes, afraid to open them again. Silence and darkeness continues to fill my world and few words rip through. Three words that I never heard so desperately said. And I could only wonder, Why. Why me.
More more! I need to know what happens!
please ignore that "looks" in the second line