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So all day I been working and thinking on how to do these imagines, I'm pretty exhausted now but this imagine is for you @VixenViVi I had a little help from @KpopGaby but I hope you like it!! I don't know if I done a great job but let me know in the comments :)
I tried...
Imagine this... Your at home cleaning the house, waiting for your boyfriend Minho to arrive home from his job. *SLAM*
You jumped a bit from the sound of the door "Goddamnit!!" you heard your boyfriend Minho from the other room. You quickly rushed in there and asked "Minho are you OK? " he turns and sees you, his face is all red and looks pissed. "Does it look like I'm OK? " he said. You shook your head and went over to comfort him but he pushed you off," It's not the time for you to be doing that " he said. "I'm sorry I was only trying to comfort you " you said. He rolls his eyes and trolls upstairs, you didn't want to get in his way so you let him have his space. 5 minutes later he comes back downstairs and goes into the kitchen, you had a bad feeling so you followed behind. That's when you saw him drinking alcohol "MINHO WTH?! WHY ARE YOU DRINKING THAT!! " you screamed at him. He aggressively slams the glass down and faces you," Look I had a bad day at work, so if I were you I would leave the kitchen and let me be" he continues to drink and being the caring girlfriend you are you toss the glass from out of his hand which made it break on the floor, and without him thinking he slaps you which made you fall to the ground. You held your hand to your face after realizing what he did you started crying, you got up from the floor and walked passed him but he grabbed your wrist and took you in his embrace, "I'm sorry " he says, you were so scared that you pushed away and ran upstairs to your room, locked the door and dialed your mom. She told that you could stay with her, so you packed a suitcase while still crying at what he did. When you open your door to leave your room, you saw Minho standing there with eyes full of tears, he looks at you, then at your suitcase and then back at you, " Please don't go " you heard the pain in his voice, but you were still scared that it might happen again, " I'm sorry" you told him, tears ran from your face. You walk pass him but he grabbed your hand, you tug off and proceeded down the stairs. As you made your way the front door, Minho came running down the steps, takes your suitcase from you and throws it across the room, then he took you in his embrace and sobs on your shoulder, " Please don't go, I didn't know what I was thinking, I'm so stupid, I promise it won't happen again, just please don't leave me like this, please... I love you " every word he said made you shed a tear. Something told you that everything he said is true. You cried and hugged him back," I won't ever leave you " he pulls away and wipes your tears from your face and kisses you, " I love you ViVi " "I love you too " His biggest fear is losing you...
Tell me what you think ><
@VixenViVi Lol you did say you wanted a surprise XD and I'm super happy that you like it, it really motivates me :)
@JaxomB Ik he wouldn't ever do that but I thought it would be quite interesting with it in it, I'm sorry if it's too offensive >< @JessicaChaney Yes of course I'll write you one ^^ picking a bias is hard ik lol
Amazing! Will you write one for me?! My names Jessica and I can't choose between Zelo and GD as my ultimate bias!
I have an issue with the slap....he wouldn't do it.
OH! It's so good! XD I wasn't expecting angsty Minho but I love it!
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