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This one is for @vampirelily6786, I hope you like it :), it took me half the day to do this DX
Imagine this.... BTS is in your town holding a concert and a fanmeeting, you quickly purchase your tickets and you're overly excited. The day comes and you wear your BTS shirt that has 'JUNGKOOK' on the back. You wanted to stand out more so you made a poster also. You're sooo lucky because you have front seats, a close up view. When the concert starts you and your best friend scream, jump, sing along and cry. You hold up your poster that says 'SARAGNHAE JUNGKOOKIE OPPA ❤' he sees it and makes a heart at you. You scream because he noticed you. When the song 'Just one Day' plays the whole time he smiles and stares at you while he sings. You smile back and every now and then he would wink and make a heart, which made you blush and heart to flutter. The next day is the fanmeeting and of course you went with your best friend. So many fans and you want Jungkook to have eyes only on you, but you thought it was impossible. You met each member one by one, the order went, Suga, Rapmonster, Jin, V, Jhope, Jimin and then Jungkook. Once you got to Jungkook his eyes widen, you were worried because you thought something was wrong so you asked "Is something wrong?! " he warmly smiled and said " No you're really pretty so I got surprised" you felt relieved but also blushed because he called you pretty. " What's your name?" he asked " Tiffany " you responded, he smiled and asked " Which one of members do you like the most? " and you said " You" he blushed and shyly smiled, " I remember you from the concert last night " he said while autographing. You smiled and nodded not knowing what to say, he handed you the autograph smiled and winked. You left with a smile and went to your best friend, when you finally looked at the autograph you realized its not just his signature but it also said ' Let's meet at xxxxxxx at 9 tonight ' you looked up at him and you caught him smiling and looking at you. You thought it was a dream but no. You smiled back and nodded. That night you went to the exact place at the right time but he was nowhere around. 10 minutes passed and no sign of him, you thought he was playing a joke on you and you didn't want to waste anymore time so you decided to go home. Just when you started walking you felt an embrace from behind. " I'm so sorry for not being on time, don't leave" you knew that voice is Jungkook so you turned around and saw him ruffling his hair. " I wanted to meet you because I have something serious to say " he said. He took your hands which made you widen your eyes a bit. "Tiffany ever since the concert last, my mind is only on you, thinking of you all night, I just had a to see you again, when you showed up at the fanmeet you made me 100x happier, I don't know but whenever I look at you I feel sparks and a connection, a feeling I don't get when I'm with other fans... Tiffany all I'm trying to say is I'm honestly am attracted to you and I really want to get to know more...i really do, nothing can't change this feeling " Your eyes starts watering and you smile at every single word he said. He takes his hand and caresses your cheek. " I have a flight tomorrow but when I come back I'll make it my mission to see you... thats a promise " You nodded and silently sobbed to yourself not knowing when he'll come back, you wish you can just get on the plane with him but you can't. " I'll give you my number, this isn't goodbye, it's a see you soon " he wrote on a piece of paper and handed it to you, before he left he planted a kiss on your cheek, smiled at you and made his way back. You smiled to yourself and looked at the paper with his number on it and it said ' I want you to call me often, I really mean that' you cried with tears of joy as you held the note close to your chest. XOXO
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awesome story i wish it were real
@vampirelily6786 :) it's okay, but I really do wish you the best in college, don't over work yourself XD
@vampirelily6786 thank you so much that really motivates me XD I'll work harder but not to hard because I'll get really stressed lol I still work on my writing skills and if you want you can follow me on wattpad (if you have one) I'm currently writing two, a Jimin Fanfic and a Jungkook one too.
@vampirelily6786 you're so very welcome, I'm glad that it helped you :) and good luck in college, I'm still in high school going to 11th grade -_- but I wish you the best :D FIGHTING!!! XD
@vampirelily6786 I'm really glad that you enjoyed it and it made your week ><
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