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My attentive for @TessSteven 's writing challenge!


I know you're a person of few words, at least when talking to your self, but I think you need to just read this. So put down your pen, ignore any scrawled paper you have in front of you, and Read this. Ready? okey. If you ever even thought about receiving a letter from your future self I believe this isn't what you expected. Because there's no pretty words, and I can say that all the anguish you've felling since, well, a long part of your life is gone, and that you forgot the pain, and the loneliness, or even forgot them. But you knew that. All I can say, is that you're still hurt now, and you still cry at night, real low so he can't hear you, and your heart still squeezes when you ear the word family... you still doubt your self, and you get angry with the world because sometimes it's not the place you wanted to live in. And there's no "but". Sometimes you're happy, and you will be even happier with time... sometimes you just forget everything and you smile. You laugh, although you feel guilty about it. But you shouldn't. You need to be happy! So, your heart still burns, your eyes still cry, and your legs still fail at every thought of them. And you still live. You still breath. You still crave for every breath of pure fresh air, for every touch of a friendly hand, and for every talk with those free minds you admire so much. You still live. You don't admit to your self, but you now you're strong, even when you feel weak. You stand up after every fall even if it hurts so bad you can't breath. You're not the best person, you're not who you wanted to be, not even now. You are what you needed to be. And still, after every punch in the stomach, you have the strength to step out side and try to be happy and kind. You Will struggle, and they won't be by your side. They will pretend you don't exist and you'll be afraid they forgot you. But you live. You will always fight to keep moving, never stopping. And we are going to find our path, our way to be, and we'll be Happy.
" Here's the thing about pain. It demands to be felt"
Keep fighting, Your Future Self
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Yes, but it's not work or family or society that needs to be neglected. We should never neglect them. But it's hard to enjoy anything. Because our mind decides what we should enjoy or not. Kill the mind. Mind is a root of everything. Once mind is dead, there's not even need of anything. No need to think. It's the art that Buddha resurrected. And now very few know about it. Except for his quotes and peace stuff that doesn't matter at all.
@TrueWalker I would love to read the article you wrote, definitely post it (and tag me!) :) I see what you're saying. It's true that sometimes all we can see is this crazy intense drive to achieve – but achievement for achievement's sake is worthless. You're so right (and @BPF1916, you are as well) that it's important to reflect on the little things, like the way the sun shines through the leaves, or the beautiful flowers outside our door, to be happy :)
@TrueWalker I think we shouldn't neglect them, only canalize what it's really important to get worry or even give importance about! this way we can organize our self's too. kill the mind? how so? you mean repress it? I actually believe in that.
@BPF1916 these are the most beautiful, strong words I have read in such a long time. Future you can be proud of 'now' you forever.
@virginvingler I hope that actually happens :$ thank you so much!