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Rap Monster is set to release a digital single in collaboration with the hit movie Fantastic Four!! The track will be titled Fantastic and will be released to online music sites August Fourth! I'm so freaking happy for him! It must be an honor to make a song to go along with a big movie.
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Is the song going to be in the actual movie??
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Holy crap, yas!!! the movie's coming out august 6th, I really wanted to watch it after seeing a trailer at the movie theater馃槻
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That's amazing! I can't wait to hear it now!!!
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@DeadlyCyanide it came out last night. :) I posted the video in my cards I'd you want to go watch it.
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@PaigeBennish thank you. I was just tagged in it yesterday or today so I got to see it! it's amazing!! thank you :)
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