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I hoenstly feel like Daesung is underrated. Often people who are not a fan of big bang see him as a comedian or a funny idol rather than as a talented singer. It really upsets me because he has an amazing voice it's bitter and sweet. i consider his parts the best parts and I am always thrills me to hear his voice. I really wish people would recognize him more and and knowledge. He is a brilliant singer.
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Daesung is beautiful.. (/▽\*)。o○♡
Daesung was the first one to catch my attention. I knew GD before I knew of bigbang and I liked GD a lot but when I saw Daesung and heard him sing he just stuck to me like glue. His voice is so unique and beautiful. He is funny and kind and alwaus smiling. He's just the best. ♡♡♡♡♡
daesang oppa is soo cutte he is the fish remember haru and his vocals are perfect nd he is amazing
Preach on darling Preach on. Daesung has such a beautiful and angelic voice, and he is so cute and funny too. I mean he was in a drama called What's Up and his beautiful singing made me cry twice♡♡♡
Dae bias and I agree he is often pushed to the bottom of the lIst ans I love him so <3