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Its something that eats you from the inside out leaving you a walking corpse of your former self. First it eats your motivation to do anything. Then as you stare at walls you start thinking. When that happens if you dont get help your in trouble. You realize things and overthink them as well. It only makes you sadder until you cant take the constant thinking but you cant stop because you dont wanna do anything else. Eventually it will consume you if not kill you. Youll never be the same again. In my opinion theres no cure. Medication is just drugging you into a stuppor. Love and family doesnt always help. In fact it can make life worse. If your a true warrior and fight this shit to the end it doesnt get easier. All that happens is that you get better at coping and seeming okay. To anyone else who suffers I pray youre all warriors like me. You wake up each day and fight the monster that wants us dead.
I feel the exact same way you do ive been battling for five years now and ive messed up alot of things thanks to it but i finally got it by the gonads or at least for now. Sadly fighting is all we can do and its worse because its a battle on the inside. One day youll be ok and that my friend is better than being happt
you are right, medication doesn't solve anything. Family and friends can actually make everything harder. I had so many problems with depression, and I know that there is no cure and I know I will never be the same. But now, after 4 years of struggling I can say only time helps. People have been saying that to me all along, but I did not believe them. But now, I can tell you it gets better, not to the point it was before, but that means it could actually get even better than it used to be (I am aiming for that, myself). The only thing you can do is don't give up and try your best. It may be months it may be years, but you'll get there.
that's great to hear you fight on the only thing that keeps me going is the next time I'll get to be happy for something anything. honestly were lucky we appreciate the little things in life because we know what it's like to not have anything. we know the value of happiness and the price we had to pay for it
I've been battling depression for 7 years and let me tell you, it's rough. It's hard and some days I don't want to go on. I can't. But to get myself out of holes I cling to a belief that things will get better. That this will all be a memory someday. I try. And that's what counts to me.