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so I told my dad I was going to marry a kpop singer just to see what he would say or reaction. all he said was
Okay. yup yup my random kpop talk never faze him no more lol.
Lol! My parents are like.. Sure! As long as you don't eat weird things...(stereotypical) 😐
@SashLove lol hahah niiice X'D @SunnyV I love it, ha-ha that's one way to motivate you to get things down. !! Thanks for sharing your stories! :D my mom just laughs and says that if I want that to happen I need to start being more girly and making money so I can go and see then and catch their hearts kehehe ;P
My mom always brings my favorite singers into our conversations xD if I'm doing something she doesn't like she'll say he'll never want to marry him. and if she's trying to get me to do something she'll tell me to do it for him xD
lol Thank God for parents who do this and keep our dream of marrying kpop stars alive ☆\(^ω^\) lolololololol
haha my mom and dad are all for it as well >.<
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