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It's funny because the past two days have been am emotional roller coaster for me. Two days before the contest ended, I finally reached rank 20. I was so grateful for this one chance of going to the concert of my dream and me and my best friend who I invited to vingle were so excited. Then my worst fear came true. Yesterday, I lost the ranking and went down to 22. I could not have been more angry and depressed. I felt like everything was lost just because of few digits. I became crazy upset and I couldnt sleep because I kept wanting to scream and scream. And today, I kept trying. I couldnt give up like this. I spent so much on my phone today i had to charge it three times haha. and the rank updated just few mins ago and i seemed to have found my place in top 20 again but it was too late. winners had already been announced and ofcourse I wasnt one of them. And i guess because I had already unconciously acknowledged that I had no chance, I wasnt much disappointed. I feel pretty pathetic though for trying so hard. If I had studied SAT like this, I probably wouldve gotten the perfect score although that isnt as motivating as winning bigbang tickets... I will continue to vingle because I love the community but not as often. def not as passionately. no more clipping and liking random cards and no more posting five cards per hour every hour haha Thank you everyone for everything wish the best for all of you! ill be back *in terminator voice* shoutout to poojas, kpopandkimchi, aabxo, tracywong and more. i wont tag you guys because i dont want to force anyone to read this hahahha
Omg. this made me so sad. xc and I know exactly how you feel. I'm so sorry that you didn't win. I'm so sorry that all the people who lost didn't win.
Miss you @shjej5835. Hope you'll still come hang out in the community once in a while! T_T
I'm sorry @shjej5835 :( I feel so sad too, reading this. Sending lots of love and support <3
I still haven't seen the announcement card can someone send me a link to it plz