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Photographer: Jakob Wagner [http://www.jakobwagner.eu/] These are aerial views over China. It looks so mystical and vast.
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ladies, dont forget to add "visiting callie" to your RESERVOIR, okay?!?!
5 years ago·Reply
Psh, sis! Of course, you're totally on there. That would be awesome. You can always come visit me too! :D
5 years ago·Reply
i want to do so much.. just pray i clear my GD-PI and all.. i so wanna get one of the best colleges..so that i can make my bucket list come true1
5 years ago·Reply
I am, Neaa. I really, really hope you get into the college you want. Then, we can all meet later in life and go to at least one of these places together. :)
5 years ago·Reply
i hope so too!
5 years ago·Reply