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Hi all I decided to make this card to show appreciation for few English Breath taking Osts of Korean dramas
Not that I love korean Osts of Korean dramas any less , but these English OST'S are completely amazing, breathtaking and beautiful. I just want to thank the Korean dramas producers , composers , lyricist for working together with International Bands to make these amazing , memorable amazing for us International fans .
All Credit to its actual owners.
My 2 top favorite ones are
1) Fated to Love you (Be the one) by Jeff Bernat
2)Healer (Eternal Love) by Michael Learns to Rock
Fated to Love you OST (Be the One)
The second theme song of MBC Drama's 'Love Like Destiny' called ''Be the One'' .''Be the One'' is a harmonious collaboration of vocalist Jeff Bernet's sweet, sensational voice and composer Oh Jun Seong's beautiful melodies.
Jeff Bernet participated in this OST passionately enough to take part in writing the lyrics himself. Composer Oh Jun Seong created a piece with soft melodies featuring gentle, acoustic guitar & piano lines, to best bring out Jeff Bernet's warm vocals. 'Be the One' is a whole new level of OST combining pop and R&B.
Healer OST (Eternal Love)
The ‘Healer’ OST Part 1 ‘Eternal Love is created with the voices of the international band Michael Learns To Rock (MLTR) from Denmark. MTLR is a global band that is a leader in the world of Korean pop music with their representative albums and songs, and the band continues to show its lasting power after debuting 25 years ago.
MLTR, who is making a rare participation in a Korean drama OST, said “We are happy to be able to communicate with Korean fans through music. Although we have sang with Korean artistes before, we have never sang a song specially for a Korean drama like now. We think it is a great honour for us to be able to participate in a Korean drama that is part of the Korean Wave through the OST,” revealing their affection towards South Korea.
And I am also really thankful to those international bands for singing and Jeff Bernat for writing such beautiful lyrics for Be the one. and these two songs are truely beautiful, hope to see more of these English Osts tracks in future as well, because I love these OST'S. What do you all think about these two English OST'S ? Enjoy all
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I love the healer one! So good. Thanks for sharing these :)