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The Simple Idea that Started Fluttr
Fluttr began from a simple problem: How can I find the perfect travel destination?
After deciding that he would go somewhere for the break, our CTO sat down in front of the computer to find the perfect destination. He wanted something new and exciting instead of the “mainstream” places that everyone has heard of. This was his precious vacation. He did not want to waste his time or money going to the same place that everyone else has been to or doing the same things that everyone does at those places. Determined to find a fresh, exciting place to visit, he searched “interesting travel destinations” on Google. The result was anything but interesting.The search result returned links to trusty old National Geographic, US News, LA Times and other media giants. They all offered lists of the best places but there wasn’t anything particularly special. I mean…… US News ranked London as the best place to visit. Who has not heard of London? (No offense to people living in London, we love London but it just was not the exciting result we expected.) Furthermore, suggesting London is fine but the website did not even bother to make the place look exciting. The description of the location was generic at best and so was the image of Big Ben. So he tried the image section instead. Perhaps, interesting photos could give him an idea of what he could do in London. To his surprise, the image section was covered with the same shot of Big Ben, the Eye or the London Bridge. These were great photos of the place but not very exciting or inspiring.
Next he did what any guy with online friends would do: Facebook. He looked through the photos of his friends’ trips. The awkward selfie that couldn’t quite fit everyone in, the cheesy shot from behind while gazing into the distance, the creative poses by the Eiffel Tower. These photos told stories of the trip. They captured the emotion and the experience. These were the kind of photos that inspired him to travel. He could imagine himself doing those things at those places.
This is when the idea for Fluttr was born.
Photos of scenery are okay, but that’s not what inspires people to travel. The photos that capture an experience do.
So he gathered all of the co-founders together with a simple mission: To inspire travelers around the world.
We designed Fluttr to share travel photos that capture an experience and tell stories. We hope that our users will not only discover new travel locations but also find travel inspiration through our service. Everything from the functionalities to the design have been created with our users experience in mind. We hope that our consideration shines through.
The app will launch on August 10th.