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For cisgender people they never get itm They dont understand why trans people get offended at misgendering. Others bluntly dont give a damn. Ive thought alot about how to explain it so they can understand. If youre cis youre comfy as your gender right? Well imagine you fought so hard to discover that youre comfy as that gender. Once you relax imagine every single person around you call you the opposite. You have to pick your battles too you just cant scream at everyone who makes that mistake. Sometimes you gotta shut your mouth and deal with it. Itll make you a fun word we call dysphoric. That is true hell on Earth it in my opinion goes with a saying. If its repeated enough youll believe it. As in if enough people misgender you and you start to get sad mad crazy or discouraged you question it. Maybe I am that gender? Then you freak out everything you believed in yourself was a lie! You dont know what to do. The only savior to this is the people who actually say the right one. So next time you see a young man with a baby face and breasts or a beautiful girl with a bulge do us a favor..... Call us our chosen gender wed do it for you.
Actually we can blame you I mean it's not hard to figure out someones gender even a trans persons. we wear clothes and have hairstyles like our chosen gender and if you choose to call us the wrong one that is on you not us. It makes us mad because we sacrifice alot to be who we are and when someone fucks it up we aren't going to smile about it. I've done permanent damage to my lungs in order to be the man I am some even die because of it. A non-rude correction rarely does anything last time k corrected someone nicely she laughed in my face. If your at work you can't exactly correct every single person you come in contact with either. You wouldnt say anything else. Your wrong about winning the fight if your comfy with your gender there's a lot more than that. You need people to accept it too and btw I never said I started a fight with someone over misgendering me. I know better than that I mean after all this world is full of shallow dumbasses
I will never understand why that makes them mad. I mean I do, but you're literally both genders, so if I mess it up, you can't blame me. A simple, non-rude correction would suffice. Many people do not care about you, or anyone, so correcting them is a waste of time. If you're comfy as your gender, you've already won. starting a fight with someone because they said ma'am instead of sir isn't what you should be doing. as you called it, it's a mistake. everyone makes one.