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Yet another fun thing people have to deal with. Try to imagine being jittery every single time someone gets close to you. Not fun is it? Thats what we call social anxiety it goes hand in hand with social phobia. Which is when youre terrified of social interaction of any kind. Now imagine that life being afraid of the waitress or someone you need to call. Not pretty is it? Take that and put them both at work IN RETAIL! Hell on Earth again. Customers ask you something and your trembling and shrugging making them mad. Or having coworkers try to talk to you and you start sweating and breathing heavily. You feel like you wanna explode. Thats everyday at work and for the truely unlucky that can lead to panic attacks. Those are another lesson if you would. Breaking down amd hyperventilating where you work because theres just.....too.....much. They have medications to calm you down but theyre highly addictive from what I hear so I personally steer clear. Id rather take my chances panicking at work than be drugged until Im "normal"
I used to be very similar. But once you start to re-evaluate your fear, you start to think why is this really a fear? What is the worse that would happen if I talked to this person? If you overcome this fear you open up a world of "anything is possible". I encourage you to dare yourself everyday to do one small thing, like spark up a conversation. You feel amazing, like you can do anything once you realize you overcame it and everything went just fine. Maybe even try just complimenting a stranger, not only will you overcome your fears but you will make a stranger smile.
Social anxiety and Social phobia are the same thing. Yes, some medications can become addicting, but not all of them. If you need medication to help you, get it! Taking medication and going to therapy together will help you immensely! If you don't want to try medicine, then do therapy. Cognitive therapy is working on your thoughts, how you perceive things, and slowly turning everything around. Basically, you are retraining your brain to think differently. And yes, it works!
Also, If you need a friend or some courage/inspiration. I'm happy to hear from you/try to help anytime. I just like imagining all the things we could do if we didn't let fear hold us back.
I agree with jlee37. I have suffered from extreme anxiety in social situations, but learning and a lot of practice can help you to at the very least compartmentalize life. I personally do better in one on one interactions where my focus on intent is not spread to wide, but I am getting better at dealing with my perceptions of a situation. The fear is often unsubstantiated, but only working through it by facing it truly helps. Good luck, and remember that the best things in life are often the hardest to achieve.
@Apecave your comments were really encouraging to read, thanks
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