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Been stressing of late....like OMAGHERRRDDDD ㄟ(≧◇≦)ㄏ Stress is good in some instances....but get too much and ICK. It messes with errythang.....your mood, muscles, skin, bowels.....stress can just funk you up and make you all sideways and get you acting all somehow. So TGIF. I created this playlist to just chill and enjoy my Friday night curled up in bed Vingling like all the cool kids.....
CRUCIAL STAR FT JOOYOUNG__AIA Smooth, sexy, chill. Your welcome.
K. WILL & JOOYOUNG__ SHAKE IT (R&B VERSION) Can never have enough Jooyoung.... and this short cover version makes you want more.
WUTAN FT D.O (not of EXO)__ NABIYA This video was getting dislikes on YouTube bc it wasn't the D.O they were expecting (´ヮ`) so I had to clarify....But I dig this song. Wutan's up there on my fave rapper list.
BTS__HOLD ME TIGHT Gives me the feels every single time. Jimin....he's undoubtedly one of my favorite vocalists in Kpop....his range is insane and he's got such a beautiful tone to his voice. Once again...you're welcome.
CRUSH __SOMETIMES I love this song....very chill but still catchy....still sexy....♡ if you don't like him already...you will.
JAY KIDMAN FT GEEKS, CRUCIAL STAR, TAKEONE__REBIRTH THIS IS GOOD STUFF.....TRUST. If you have not downloaded this album.....do it.
DOUBLE K FT JAY PARK__NOM Slightly melancholy but Jay on that hook gives me chills.....
ELO FT THE QUIETT__YOUR LOVE Elo, I feel, is one of the more underrated artists under AOMG so show him love. His tracks have this slightly ethereal sound and feel to them but his voice is smooth and on point. Definitely a must for a chill night.
ZION T__ EAT One of my favorites....I love the song, the message, and I love him also (๑^ں^๑)
GEEKS FT CRUCIAL STAR__집앞에서 (전화 받지 마 Pt.2) Yes....Lil Boi is wrecking my life right now and I don't care. This song is soooo good♡ Thank you Grandline.
LOCO FT CRUSH__HOLD ME TIGHT *squeezes my pillow tight* Y'all know how I feel about Loco.... (❁´‿`❁)
LOUIE (of Geeks) FT YOUNG LUFFY__WHERE U AT This song....uuuuggghh it's so good! I'm sorry I'm not sorry I'm in love with this entire playlist. Now children....I think I'm off to bed and getting all the beauty rest I can.....dreaming sweet dreams of.... well quite honestly that's none of your business but....anyway night night.
Sorry VJ....call me weak. IDC.
I'm making so many heart eyes at this playlist!! <3 Jooyoung <3
Omg these are all mostly bump and grind Ahahahaha Is this why we're besties ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) This playlist is a masterpiece. I already liked Crush but it's good to remind me why I do (; & Your Love?! Ahhh! You just had to throw in Zion T? Hearing how good he is with "Eat" live gives you chills! Okay, that last song is my new fav. That being said I did not appreciate that cut off at the end XD I was so into it
I love this... It's totally awesome ^^ like in every single way \(^-^)/ just totally amazing :D
@PassTheSuga Ayyyyyy! I'm down. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Also, that verbal jint gif BAHAHAH
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