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Our Mission to Spread Wanderlust: Feel, Take & Share
Our brand is based on simplicity and efficiency. This is reflected in every aspect of our service from function, design, logo to even our slogan.
Our slogan is composed of 3 words: Feel, Take and Share.
Each word captures an aspect of traveling.
Feel the moment. In the digital age, too many of us are focused on the online experience instead of the real experience that is right in front of us. Before you point your phone at the scenery for Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, take a moment for yourself to enjoy the view, listen to the waves, breathe in the fresh air and laugh with those around you. I think that the vast amount of SNS activity that we engage in every day has turned us into “like” or “follow” addicts. I am probably guilty of this as well. As an entrepreneur who is trying to become known, I understand the necessity of social media. However, I do not want my travel experience to be tainted by this need for “likes.” Whether you are traveling with friends, family or by yourself, a big part of it is very personal. We gain a lot of understanding about ourselves and grow by experiencing different places and cultures. So let’s keep it that way. Before posting it online, take a moment for yourself.
Take in the experience. Now, find a way to capture the experience. Take a picture. Draw what you see. Write in your journal. The method is up to you. The most unfortunate part of traveling is that memories fade and places change. The feelings and memories that you have right now are the best souvenirs but they will not last forever. Save this moment in photos or writing so that you can remember and reflect on it in the future.
Share your memory. Wanderlust is a wonderful feeling. Yet, it is not something that everyone can always fulfill.Not all of us have the freedom to travel when we want to. So spread your wanderlust. Share your travel stories with your loved ones. Research shows that most people choose their travel destinations based on suggestions from those around them. Inspire those around you to travel with your experience.Once those people decide to travel, the cycle begins again. This is what we aim to achieve through our service. We want to inspire people to travel more.To all the wanderlusters out there, keep doing what you do.Feel, Take & Share