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Every once in a while, I take some time, go into my car and drive around my home town. There is so much nature; so many trees, vineyards, an old castle, parks, small artifical lakes, golfing areas, an old town... pretty much everything you need to just walk or drive around and relaxing yourself.
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Coming!! I dono where it is but I'll be coming there cause I just love a green place. Is it a large place?
Slovenia or my home town? haha @TerrecaRiley. Slovenia is a small country next to Italy, but it doesn't matter where in Slovenia you are, its all pretty green and naturey.
wow! I'm loving your country! You wouldn't understand what green and "naturey" does to me. I'm literally shaking with excitement as I type this!
go google "Slovenia Bled", "Slovenia Velika Planina", and "Slovenia landscape", this will give you chills. @TerrecaRiley
Way ahead of you... on the googling part. I'll look for those next. Thank you!