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Our house is so busy lately, because my oldest sister is comming from Dublin for a visit with her husband for a couple of weeks. So imagine how much cleaning and preperations are to be done, since this happnes only once a year. My mom is all "oh, my first born is comming home, let's make the whole house spotless". So basicly, no time for a real meal. Everyone just eats what he wants and nothing that will mess up the kitchen haha.
So, I chopped some onions and garlic and stewed it in a pan. After a couple of minutes I added fresh carrots from garden and peas. And after that some broccoli.
Meanwhile the vegatable were being stewed, I rolled chicken pieces in salt, pepper and curry. I added them in my pan to the vegatables and cooked the chicken with the vegatables for about 20 minutes.
In the end I added some fresh spices from the garden and a touch of soy souce. Some chilli and other hot spicy ingredients were added as well so it was pretty hot. My mom tried it and cryed a little haha. I served the curry chicken and vegatables with cooked rice and a bowl of fresh lettuce.
Hahaha your mom cried?! I can tell though... this looks delicious!
OH! haha for some reason I thought she cried because she thought it was so yummy! hahaha @rodiziketan. Though it could’ve been that too..
yes, she doesn't stand spicy food. @nicolejb and thank you