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On January 15, 2008, Wu Yi Fan left for a foreign country to become an SM Entertainment trainee to fulfill his dream of becoming an artist. After signing with SM, SM delayed his debut date for a prolonged period again and again. In 2012, Wu Yi Fan debuted, and in 2013, he discovered that a recording he'd practiced for during 10 days had been suddenly canceled. When he asked a manager for the reason, SM Entertainment suggested that he be removed from EXO for several months and other entertainment developments were stopped on purpose. After a lot of negotiating, he was able to return to the group, but afterwards, he continued to encounter unfair situations, pressure, and limited resources. When he returned, discrimination by his manager caused a lot of tension, and he encountered unreasonable, difficult work hours with not enough rest, which drastically impacted his health. Since July of 2013, he's been receiving injections and IV drips to keep up with his work schedule. In January 2014 when he returned to China, his checkup indicated signs of myocarditis. Despite this, SM was unable to get Wu Yi Fan treatment or recuperation. SM was also unfair about distribution of income, putting limits on his development and preventing future development from taking place. Because of this, Wu Yi Fan lost his trust in the label's management. Due to the above reasons, Wu Yi Fan had no choice but to file a lawsuit to the Seoul Central District Court on May 15, 2014, requesting the court to terminate his exclusive contract with SM. On May 13, 2015, Seoul Central District Court ruled that Wu Yi Fan had exclusive management rights to himself outside of Korea. We believe the above mandatory ruling is fair and reasonable. Despite a year-long mediation, SM refused the court's ruling of termination of contract and restarted the litigation process, delaying Wu Yi Fan's contract termination and hampering his personal living schedule and arrangements for work in the entertainment industry.Β  Wu Yi Fan has always been grateful to SM from the beginning as well as grateful to those who have helped him to develop. He is willing to accept Seoul Central District Court's ruling and will continue with what the court decides is reasonable. At the same time, Wu Yi Fan has hired a team of professional Chinese and Korean lawyers to manage the lawsuit, and he will continue his work commitments in China. Relating to Wu Yi Fan and SM's termination of contract, Wu Yi Fan and his studio will not provide further responses before the court's final decision as everything will be dealt with by the lawyers
SM think tgey slick... you cant just turn down what the courts say, Kris is not part of EXO or your fricken label you abused him, destroyed his health, and just didnt give a crap about him.... so now thats he's gone dont fight for him back... he is perfect without any of yall....
SM is just cruel and discrimination just makes it worse. How could they not expect people would leave?
Yeah SM! Don't ask for him back after the you treated him!