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so i went to the doctor with my grandma and my sister and while my grandma was talking to her doctor i was with my sister fangirling over bts
so the doctor had let do get something and my grandma turned to us and said "what you girls talking about"...and my sister took my phone and said "look grandma Stephanie's boyfriends" and handed the phone to my grandma
my grandma grabbed my phone and turned her heads several times then finally said handing me the phone back "the picture is to small i can't see their faces i need my glasses but it the are they with an "viejita' " i looked at the group picture of bts (the first picture in this card) and i asked where and she pointed at suga.... i started craking up (viejita means old lady)
i was like "awwwww ok grandma since you can see them ill show you pictures of them by them selfs" and she she agreed (only got to show her Rap Mon, V, Suga, Jin and the pictures of them are the ones she reacted to)
i asked my sister who showed i how her first and she grabbed my phone and was like go rap mon and i was like ok so i showed my grandma rap monster and she just look at me made a weird face and started laughing...then she said "esta feito but with his black hair ehhh" (feito = which means he ugly but in a cute way)
then i was debating on who to show her next and my sister told me "show her V " and i was like "ok grandma this my husband V" and she like "ok this one is handsome im ok with this one"
(info: my sister is a big Justin bieber fan) my sister then took my phone and said show her jin show her my princess so i did and she said "julie likes this guy? hes handsome he looks like justin bieber" when she said that i was like ewww no not even (on offence to those bieber fans here)
then i was like ok grandma i'm gonna show you a pictures of the guy you thought was a 'viejita' (old lady) and see if you still think he looks like that" so i showed her suga and she like "yeah i still see no difference and he looks more like one when hes using the glasses"
so while we where all laughing at what my grandma was saying my sister said "look grandma my husband is better" and she showed a picture of justin bieber and my grandma made a face (she had see a picture of him since the song baby came out) and said "that's justin bieber?! i rather stay with stephanie's 'viejita' (old lady) "
so in the end my grandma told me they where all alright that i didn't have bad taste and how everyone had there own liking and she began talking about how she use to fangirl over Spanish artist when she was younger.......awww i love you grandma
@B1A4BTS5ever you should show BTS to random people and make a card of your favorite reactions.
i will never be able to look at Sugar the same way again... lol! i see it!
I'm just laughing at the viejita comment she made. XD Day made.
@B1A4BTSever I have a papaer fan with them on it and I explained almost everything about each member. I don't think she remembers ~ oh! and she laughed at the part of the dance when they turned in to a machine gun she even had me show it to my grandpa (who took me to the Chicago concert).
Lol Ur grandma is funny
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