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What would be your answer to your bias?
Of course I like you J-hope oppa. You're handsome, talented, and sweet 😊
v please don't kick me in the butt I love my oppa
Yah the tiny kookie being all forward... *is shy*
Id be like: V: My butt is nice isnt it. Thats why u mentioned it so quickly. Jimin: yes u r my oppa, u r my everything, i be ur everything. Jin: r u talking bout you or me? Either way, its accurate going both ways Suga: dont mess with my feels today Jk: is that a trick question... Jhope&rapmon: yes i like u. Ive always luved u. Stop teasing me with these questions. U know u r my hope already...
kick me in the butt!!! lol jkjk I'll giggle then I'll kick him in the butt!!!