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Like I already mentioned, we don't have a lot of celebrities comming over to Slovenia, but we do manage to keep the music live. We have some artists that are worth mantioning. And there are a couple of festivals during summer months haha. Here are the top 5. If you have time, listen to all of them, they are all amazing and worth listening. Plus, you will get to hear Slovene.
Siddharta is a five-piece Slovenian alternative rock band founded in 1995. They were named after a popular novel by German writter Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha. You have to listen to this song, it is truly amazing. They are known as the best rock band in Slovenia. This song is also in english on youtube, but I wanted you guys to hear our language.
Šank Rock is also a five-piece Slovenian rock group, formed in 1982. Their greatest distinction is probably that their music remains the same as it was from the beginning. They have not succumbed to modern music influences and that is what makes them unique phenomena on Slovene hard rock scene.
Tabu were formed in 1998 and soon became one of the leading Slovene bands and Concert attractions. The lead singer was replaced 3 times and all of them were women. The first picture of this card is of Tabu, playing at one of the Slovenian Festivals.
Big food mama is a rock band from Ljubljana and it surely one of the most popular Slovenian pop rock bands of the 1990s and it still is. This song, called "Led s severa", meaning "Ice from the North" is truly one of the best Slovenian songs. Give this one a try, you won't regret it.
Bohem are another great rock band from Slovenia, tho not as famous as the rest I wrote about and I don't get why. If I were to decide, I would give them a #1. And I promise it has nothing to do that I know them personally haha.
So, let me know what do you think of our music and our language.
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I really like the second one!