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Attention, supermodels of Vingle! It seems that the trailer to the much-awaited sequel of 'Zoolander' leaked earlier this morning. And then it was taken down in, like... an hour.
But it's okay, Mugatu! Because it's the Internet - and nothing really gets 'taken down' from the Internet - you can watch the trailer below!

Zoolander - STILL hot right now!

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ok there it is
@buddyesd IT'S STUNNING. I'm wiping proud tears from my eyes. :')
@danidee I have more poses, they're in my laptop...give me second to crack it open...
This was so good!!! I once used the word Eugoogly in class because I thought it was actually how you pronounced eulogy. lol!!!! Looking back I'm like... How was I that dumb
@allischaaff omg I can picture that lol