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Well she is Kushisake Onna the most creepiest woman you've ever seen! Well she is popularly addressed as 'The woman with split mouth'! She's an popular Chinese urban legend besides what she does is very horrible! If you are walking on the street at late night she will appear with her face covered with an scarf while only her eyes will be visible and she will ask you "Am I beautiful" and if you answer yes she will uncover her scary split face and will ask you again "Am I beautiful" if you still say yes she will split your mouth like hers! But if you say no she will dissapear and when you reach your home or any other place you are going she will appear again at the doorstep and then remove an giant ass pair of scissors and chop your head! There is only one way to escape from her and which is very funny. If you answer her "You look average" the ghost will get confused and dissapear! Creepy isn't it??!
That's some creepy shit ( love it ) not the part where she actually harms people but the creepiness of the story
I know this story, just can't place it. Pls remind me which show or movie featured her
that's creepy af
@TerrecaRiley I think some Chinese show featured her.
@BalrajKahare it was the series Constantine