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First off, for the ones who won, congratulations, you worked hard. The ones who lost also worked hard. I hope they won't be discouraged and I hope they'll continue on Vingle. I enjoyed all your posts dearly. It's okay to cry, I know I would too if I was trying so hard for tickets. But please, remember that we don't know if this is the end for BigBang, the ceo of YG told them that he'd love to keep them for another 20 years. There could be small concerts here and there, new music, new tours. We don't know, but what we do know is they make a lot of money for YG so it's likely they'll be back even if does take a long time. Don't give up, yesterday may be gone but we don't know what tomorrow holds. I wish that one day each and every one of those who haven't gone to their concert yet get to. ♡
I love this so much. Thank you @majesticx. We are all fans first, contestants second. So so glad to have a beautiful Vingle K-pop fam :) <3 *GROUP HUG*
@justmeplz1998 i saw the announcement card.
er I'm not exactly sure how to reply ^^ but thank you for the kind words and I do hope it helps others @aabxo @poojas
Beautifully said! Thank you for this post! I hope it provides others comfort <3
@matk95 thank you ^^
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