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Shag, Marry, Kill- BTS
So today on the new live streaming V app, Jin and the Jin, Jimin & Kookie got on and I'm still dead. It was great and I think Jin read my 사랑해요 오빠 and said I love you back so I'm pretty dead.
V, Jimin, Suga, J-Hope, JungKook, Jin, Rap Monster 1. Shag 2. Marry 3. Kill 4. Stalk 5. Have kids with (Baby Appa) 6. Best Friend 7. Slave
1. I would shag the heck out of jimin 2. Marry rapmon <3 The vows would be awesome 3. Kill v, I'm sorry but your an alien so you have super healing right. 4. Stalk kookie to keep up the creeper relationship I have as his Noona 5. Jin would be a great 아빠 How could I not pick him! 6. J-Hope is everybody's best friend already XD 7. Suga as my slave but he wouldn't listen and would cuss me out if I woke him up for chores lol Play more here
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1. Jimin 2 V 3. j hope (ev we need though I didn't want to chose) 4. jin 5.rap monster 6. suga 7. kookie
1. Jungkook. What? He's legal now. 2. Suga 3. Rapmon 4. Jimin 5. J-Hope 6. Taehyung 7. Jin I feel horrible.. :-/ I'm so sorry Rapmon!
1. Rap Monster (Namjoon) 2. Suga (Yoongi) 3. (Seok)Jin 4. Jimin 5. Jungkook 6. V (Taehyung) 7. J-Hope (Hoseok) I'm so sorry Jin, but you're too angelic to be my slave. So I'll send you back to heaven where you belong instead.
1. Shag Suga 2. Marry Jin 3. Kill RapMon (I still love you!) 4. Stalk JungKook 5. Kids with V 6. BFF J - Hope 7.Slave Jimin