Its official, 'MASK' had me in tears... ***Warning: For anybody who is not familiar with this drama, please don't continue unless you have watched the whole K-drama series or you want me to spoiled the drama for you. *** Let's talk about how a villain breaks down, and gets a reality check.
At first, I was like this girl 'Mi Yeon' needs to stand for herself, she don't need a man, but you know when someone is in love, you are blinded. First Picture, Mi Yeon explains how she killed the real Seo Eun Ha (Byeon Ji Sook is the doppelganger). Second Picture, Choi Min Woo asks Min Seok Hoon to hold a press conference. Without him knowing what Min Woo was planning to say, he holds the conference as Min Woo's lawyer and "trying to defend him", Min Woo steps in and talks, but he figures out that there's something going on as Min Woo is speaking, and then Min Woo blames Seok Hoon.
First picture: Seok Hoon tried to scare Min Woo, but then Byeon Ji Sook shows up and ruins Seok Hoon's plan (yay) and confesses everything. Second picture: Byeon Ji Sook explains how she felt pretending to be Seo Eun Ha, and also blames Seok Hoon.
First picture: Ji Sook and Min Woo give solid evidence to prove that what they are saying its true, and say all Seok Hoon's crime. Second picture: As Min Woo says that they got evidence and they are going to turn it to the police... Police man start coming in the conference to arrest Seok Hoon, but even to the very end he doesn't want to give up and runs away with the help of his personal assistant.
First picture: As he is running away, Mi Yeon tries to help him get away. Also, all his associates/contacts/acquaintance get arrested for being involved as well. Second picture: Mi Yeon asks Seok Hoon to escape together, Seok Hoon rejects. Truths are being thrown and feelings are being hurt.
First picture: Mi Yeon let's Seok Hoon escape by himself, and he arrives at the airport. While he's waiting for his flight, he finds a note behind his ticket that Mi Yeon wrote and left for him. She writes as if that's the last time they'll see each other. Second picture: Seok Hoon keeps reading the note and his eyes get teary. He calls Mi Yeon, and someone else answer and he finds out that she had committed suicide.
First picture: -*Mi Yeon's Funeral*- TT^TT Mi Yeon's mother cries, and all of a sudden Seok Hoon appears and she questions Seok Hoon. He apologizes to Mi Yeon's family. Second picture: As he apologizes and he breaks down in tears, while Mi Yeon's mother yells at him, and hits him. Then Min Woo punches Seok Hoon.
Eventually, Seok Hoon goes to jail, and its inspection time. The police searches his stuff, and flips through book pages. The police finds a picture in a book, and asks Seok Hoon 'Who is this?.... but his response gave me chills. He said with a grin, 'She is the person whom I am going to see soon.' Foreshadow much???
Anyways, I loved the drama, but I had to put this out there because it had me in tears. Also, I usually don't cry for villains but I have a few exceptions here and there. Credits to original owners: Mask's producers and staff, and Viki.
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