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Every of my breath calls out you And you fill my heart purely like a morning dew With all your naughty essence I wish to seek your desires And burn your soul in my loving fire So that I can kiss your neck and lips Without any due then I will bite you and lick With your body heat making me hot I would love to make love to you a lot With my passion I want to spend my entire life with you And do not let any of the moment to fall into All I seek is to make you happy As baby you make me desperate and heavenly With this poem I want to seduce your soul and heart So that you won't let me stay apart And I hug you tight and nibble with your bare back and hips And then I massage all your body with my tongue and lips No gap come between us and we do this all night And I fill all the holes and touch you at every right With your breaths heavy I will bite your lips And the beats fast I will squeeze your belly Then I will smell n lick your navel to fill it in And then make you moan and scream I want to fill your soul with my passion And make you call my name with your love As I love you my angel with all my desires And you burn my heart under your naughty fire