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I'll back off so you can live better

This is a scenario of the song I'll back off so you can live better by This is just a fanfic. was at her vanity table and Doojoon was on the other side of their apartment. He put on his dark navy blue coat and walked out.'s eyes welled up with tears. ~ 1 hour ago~ Doojoon finally came back from his tour and beelined straight for the couch. "Doojoon are you tired? I've missed you!!" Doojoon just ignored her and pushed her away. "Doojoon what's wrong?" Doojoon took a deep breath and snapped at her. "Can you just shut up!? I'm just trying to rest and you're bothering me!" backed up stung, Doojoon recently before the tour. He already treated her coldly and even snapped at her to stop calling him Oppa. "Doojoon wake up." She wanted to wake him up so he could sleep on the bed. His eyelids flew open and he glared at her. He didn't say a word and just put on his dark blue navy coat. "W-w-where are you going?" asked with her lips quivering and tears welled up in her eyes. He just walked out and slammed the door shut. "I don't know what you want from me." breathed shakily. She was sure that he was bored of her and that he has another girl. Why else would he have left? She knew he wanted to end their relationship. Tears filled up in her eyes. She wrote on the piece of paper and it said "I'll back off so you can live better. Goodbye." That's all she had left to say. She was just going to have to forget him so he could live better even if it's without her. All the love he gave her, she didn't want any of it anymore. She packed up her stuff and left behind the things he bought for her. "I'm gonna hate him and I wouldn't be able to forgive him." Almost as if she's trying to convince herself as she spoke. She went up to the balcony and thought of him. She stood there, trying to fight back tears. She knew he would soon forget about her and she would end up hating him. Although she knows everything, the pain is just too much for her. She would back off so he could be happy and alone without her. She grabbed her stuff with her and walked out crying the whole way. She could care less how people looked at her. Doojoon at the same time came home. He calmed down and knew he was wrong to have taken out his anger on her. She didn't deserve it and she didn't know what happened. "" He scoured around their apartment and couldn't find her anywhere. He then noticed the note on the table. He picked it up and read it but after reading it, he was more alert than ever. He looked everywhere and saw that she had taken her belongings with her too. He was too late, his first repsonse anger. How could such a tiny fight be enough for her to pack up and leave without saying goodbye!? Every furniture in their apartment mocked him. Even the paper falling to the ground sounded like explosions in his ears. Their bed where they've spent their days cuddling and made many beautiful memories. At their dining table, they would eat and tease each other. They would waltz around and end up cuddling. All the time that they spent together became a memory. He went up to the balcony and it was just a few weeks ago when he held her against the railing. He called her hoping desperately to stop her.'s phone rang and and it brought her back to reality. She picked it up though she knew her heart would break even more. "" Her name rolled off his tongue smoothly. Her heart broke to tiny pieces when he used to call her like that affectionately. She stayed silent for a moment and then spoke up. "You were the reason for my life. You were everything I have ever wanted. So why are you leaving my side? Since you were gonna be like this already. Why did you love me?" breathed shakily as tears rushed down her face. Doojoon's eyes welled up with tears too. " I-" She quickly cut him off. "Do you remember that day when we first met? All the promises you made. That you would only care for me and love me. I believed you, I believed your lies. Did you even really love me?" Before Doojoon was able to answer, had already hung up on him. Doojoon's tears started flowing all the way as memories flooded back. He lost her.
heart touching love it....
@areejcute789 Thank you!!! :)
@kpopgaby I will most definitely do that!! :))
@VIPforever123 No problem :) anyone can create a story but you have to be dedicated to do so and enjoy it as your at it
@kpopgaby Thank you so much for encouraging me to do this!!! I'll definitely continue writing more!!
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