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You walk in the mens room at walmart and notice something. A red liquid covering the floor. The source is the handicap stall at the end. Upon closer inspection you realize its blood. Curious you bend down to look under. Just to see what happened. Your jaw drops and you jump back splashing blood on your pants. A walmart employee with a box cutter lodged in their neck. Their hand still gripping it. At first glance you dont know if its a boy or girl. Unable to help yourself you look again. Boy clothes on a girl body. Yet their nametag reads Matt. After you crawl under the stall you see a note taped to the wall. Before you read you take another look at the body and try to imagine their life. Gently you peel the note off and read it, To whom it concerns, My name is Matthew Louis Robinson and Im 20 years old. I am a boy despite everyone here calling me she. Dont go blaming yourselves for my death. Your misgendering me despite my corrections didnt kill me. Life did. So I dont have much to say since I am dead and nothing can be done. All I ask is you remeber me as Matt the baby faced strong man of walmart. Not the girl Matt who kept to himself. As for my body donate it so I can help someone who wants to live. My goodbye isnt sad and Im not crying as I write this. I have no regrets other than I wish I had the right body and I didnt distance myself. The only person Ill miss is Amber the only one who cared. Tell her Im sorry again I didnt mean to leave her like this. I just got too far away and didnt realize til it was too late. Make sure you tell her I love her dearly and Ill miss her but Ill always be by her side. With this I feel like my peace is made. Now I can die pain free. Stunned you look over the letter again, you feel something. Is it empathy, compassion? Who knows but you feel for this boy who no longer could. Part of you thinks you couldve saved him. In reality though no one could. You look at him again this time you see his face. Under all the blood and hurt he was handsome. Too bad no one really saw it. You tape the note back on the wall and look back at Matt. His eyes closed mouth opened before you leave him to get help you bend down. Next to his face you whisper that youre sorry and that he'll make sure your dying wish will come true. Then you slowly stand and tell him goodbye and leave the bathroom.
Wow, this is so deeply sad and poignant... I truly hope that this is not based on real life experiences, because these are terrible things for anyone to have to go through. This shows the hurt that people experience when they are cast out of society, and when no one listens to them... I really appreciate how the narrator takes the time to read, listen to, and respect the last words of the tragic Matt.
thank you this one is very special to me
wow..sad and also beautifully written..