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Hey all!! Some of you know me as the girl who went to South Korea and auditioned many times for Korean agencies. For those of you who dont know me, allow me to introduce myself...
My name is Mina and I am a dancer, model, actress, writer, rapper, teacher, polyglot..(well..most of those are "in the making" not quite there famously yet..but one day!!)..and probably the dorkiest most idiotic person you will ever meet..
but thats beside the point...this post is targeting those of you wanting to learn Korean (or other languages that I speak)
So you guys...I realize that this is not ENTIRELY related to KPop but I'm relaying it to the Kpop community because of Korean and I know many of you may want to learn
this is strictly FREE and from my heart. I know what it wad like not to have anyone teach me. I had to teach most of what I know myself. But I must admit it was not hard for me because I come from many backgrounds. Those of you who don't know my story...well...I'm not too comfortable sharing it..but just know that I had a tough life with really hard circumstances that forced me to leave my country, move from place to place, and never be able to go back home..BUT I'M HAPPY!
I don't ask for sympathy...I don't want you to feel sad for me..it is life and we cannot fight our destiny. With that being said..화이팅!!! (Fighting!!!)
If you'd like or not like me to teach any of the languages I know, feel free to simply say yes or no to me posting video lessons here once a week. Because I am busy and just got accepted to MSU, I can probably not post more than once a week since I am busy with work, 태권도 (Tae Kwon Do), and preparing for the Uni life. (Yes I posted Pikachu here as well because I grew up on Pokémon (and Sailor Moon of course) but also because my whole life Pikachu is what my family called me and Minachu is what my bf calls me lol..but thats another story)
Anyway...the languages I can offer help in areeeee My native language which was originally called Serbo-Croatian. After war broke out in my country in 1992, my country split into 6 different countries which now in 2015, have their own languages. Most of them are the same or similar, but they each have their own dialects. 3 of which I can teach you! German. Which also has a few dialects depending on which part of Germany you are from, visiting, looking at, or learning from. English, of course, to some of you posters and comentators who do not come from the US or an English speaking country, but would like to work on your language skills. And of course last but not least, KOREAN! It would be northern dialect, as I myself do not have the 부산 (Busan) or 대구 (Daegu) dialects down. Minor Spanish work can be taught as well. I'm pretty fluent in reading and pronouncing so whatever you need help in, I got it dude!!
Each lesson will be short and will be different each week. It will also be based on what everyone wants to know!! So if I get a inbox filled with 34 messages and 25 of them are requests to work on greetings, then I will work on greetings that week! I will also do them in each language. Now...I can compact them into one video OOOOOR separate videos as in, one for each language!
Sound okay?? I hope that wasn't too much info all at once. I hope I get positive feedback and people willing to learn! Please let me know!!
Much love to you all!!
Croation is such a beautiful sounding language.....♡ But Korean is what I'd be interested in.
I'm always interested in more Korean material! ^^
yep yep...well actually @kpopandkimchi it will be uploaded to youtube BUTTT I think I can upload it here once I figure out how to use Vingle hehehe
I'll definitely be in! You'll post them to Vingel right!?
yay! i hope I get more positive comments..I dont wish to post videos for nothing..mmmrrmm
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