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Well, the contest is done and over with....Spank goodness!!! Cheers to y'all for surviving!! We're all tired (believe me when I tell you....it was exhausting for ERRYBODY in the running or not)....our tiny community grew exponentially overnight due to this contest and it was overwhelming at times but overall it was amazing to meet so many new Kpoppers and adopt all of you into our now ginormous family. Its been fun times sharing music, memes, and love with y'all but the conclusion of this momentous event has a lot of our community questioning whether or not to part ways with our family here, take a break, or stay here in our humble abode.
The staff here: @jiggzy19 @MattK95 @kpopandkimchi @poojas @DancingPartyTme @aabxo and myself wanted to show a lil love to y'all. Sewwwww my Vingle bestie @aabxo and I decided to do what we do best and create a playlist to express our love, gratitude, and to send good vibes out there into our community. So without further ado.....
AKMU__PATH Sweet like shaved ice on a summer day....and honestly to our new Vingle Kpop Fam members....I hope you stick around and we cross paths here and there in the community.
That was cheesy I knowww but hey, I'm just warming up.
EXO__RUN *Wild imaginations are possible, Whatever that may be, whatever that may be Here, fairy tale fantasies become A daily routine, a daily routine* Here at Vingle......we let you fly your freak flag sky high. We're the happiest bunch if idiots this side of the nuthouse and it's fucking wonderful ♡
GOT7__JUST RIGHT Because my Vingle Kpop Fam is just right. *If you just stay the way you are now I want nothing more so don’t change anything Don’t worry about anything Because I like everything about you Don’t change anything about yourself*
SKULL&HAHA FT 권정열 of 10CM__BEAUTIFUL GIRL (COVER) Y'all are beautiful. Nuff said.
CL__THE BADDEST FEMALE Now where all my bad girls at??? Hahaha trick question....y'all are queens in your own right. I have one thing to ask of all you dolls....
Lol jk.....there's no boundaries while lip syncing to any Kpop song. JUST DO YOU. And be the Queen or King you are while doing it.
LOCO FT GRAY & JAY PARK__AWESOME Y'all are awesome. The boys of AOMG don't think so....they KNOW so.
VIXX__GR8U Love us as we love y'all ♡ we're thankful and grateful for all the GR8U's that have joined us in our once tiny community and even more grateful to those of you that have found a home here and to those of you that are departing due to the end of the contest....our door is always open and you're always welcome here.
We're like Hyuk here....that adorable gummy bear (almost too helpful)......you don't even gotta ask, we'll be here 。^‿^。
BTS__JUMP Lets just jump and scream....and have a good time doing it. Yeah life sometimes doesn't go our way but there's nothing we can really do to control a lot of it. You just deal. Any way you can. Get thru it even if you hafta jump and scream it out. Who better to do that with than the boys of BTS? And your Vingle Fam....I know I'm pushing the family theme here but it's kinda the theme here. Deal.
SUPER JUNIOR__NO OTHER *There's no one like you, even if I look around it's just like that Where else to look for? A person good like you, a person good like you, a Heart good like you, a gift good like you How lucky, the person who will try hard to protect you is just me Where else to look for? A guy happy like me, a guy happy like me, a guy who Laughs with the greatest happiness like me* We're not all guys.....but we're here for each other. We get it. Each of you is important to us crazies in the Vingle Kpop Community Staff and you're definitely important to all our wonderful Korean boyfriends/girlfriends, fiancés, husbands/wifeys, exes/soon-to-bes, and baby daddies/baby mamas♡ and if you don't see what I did there....Imma be a sad llama....I thought it was witty and hilarious(´ヮ`)
SHINEE__ COLORFUL You all make our lives beautiful, wonderful, and colorful....we're all diverse in our backgrounds and personal tastes, come in all shapes and sizes but we're all the same in the aspect that we all love this genre and have been changed at our very core by this crazy thing called Kpop. The music unites us. BUT we also understand each other on a level that other people wouldn't get. We understand the feels, the craziness, and borderline obsession and support each other thru it all. Losing group members, disbandments, scandals, comebacks....everything. That makes us family. Hope you enjoyed and if y'all need to vent....need to laugh....or just wanna fangirl or fanman.... don't hesitate to hit any one if us up. We're here for you guys ♡
Feel the Vingle K-pop love you guys! Thanks to mah homies @PassTheSuga and @aabxo for this one <3 @Allyphernelia @TaehyungKey @B1A4BTS5ever @StarBabes @shashae5296 @harmonico @SashaLove @VixenViVi @GOT7BangtanBoys @TamsinSkye @NilajaDaniels @kkkc @DianaCastaneda @MykelHobbs @AnnaNaumova @aliciasalinas @thatkdramalover @agadamary19 @Dahliadang @kvnguyen @CristelaLoz @BluBear07 @panouvang123 @RochelleDiamond @veselovskayavic @thatkdramalover @kimleekwonshin @kpopdrama @CristelaLoz @KutieKiKi @aliciasalinas @GoldenV @aliciasalinas @sherrysahar @DanyellHoward @JennyRodriguez @esmeraldamontee @SHINee808 @miriamivvet @WafflesDrowing @MrsChanyeol @VaneRodriguez @AimeeH @BeckyRivera @NykeaKing @SaraHanna @AnnetteOKAY99 @Emealia @DaMemez @XergaB20 @chelsiec25 @MacyAppleton @thaoc111 @urlocalfangirl @BrianneD @Allie132 @LazyFox @MitchiCardonaLo @RhyanaSimonds @Mendoza0896 @CrystalBlunt @mpalmer @alicermrz06 @LizetAguirre @frisky199123 @Chavita1 @GisellePineda @katiems @xtrauserr @AshleyGrubham @KDramaKPop1015 @lamrotamrot @AngelJoong86 @justmeplz1998 @zaria36915 @TashaBitner @ygvip21 @biancadanica98 @zellie15 @liuser5ever @KatieWarren @BlockBVillains @snowyc @SavannaSiefkas @vipgirl5 @trollied @JennyRodriguez @katiems @bangtanboysfan1 @JonathanPerez @heidichiesa @StephanieGuin @KpopGaby @Taijiotter @AaliyahMorson @PrettieeEmm @EvelynLoyaRico @sarahmoss @Emealia @xvakarian @alondrasalas09 @MagicBananas @kpopchicken @princessfranki @cbounphisay @MikasaChan @zlovex @SashaLove @Shilolobun @patoramirez9798 @boramjean @JazzyPie @LornaLu @tayunnie @AkiraCondry @edwinbermudez @KpopGaby @Ambie @hlsv @zellie15 @MichiGo4L @KaceyDodge @patoramirez9798 @Allyphernelia @solodaywithB1A4 @Rachelwoo2 @FabiolaGavina @TatiCee @kvnguyen @RochelleRose @AlexsisGrossman @saphirepanda @ChibiFox @liuser5ever @GabbeZavala @LaurenAntoine @JRodiles1 @EmpressKi @alondrasalas09 @CristelaLoz @DannyNeders @xxchicharitoxx @nokita @Nyongtory @Marilovexoxo @yehet27 @MaddersOfFact @KimbryGhostyure @PriscillaCardon @88mina88 @daraxxy @TMinusEleven @chongx @kimikodragon @StephanieDuong @chandnip804 @Miss148 @beeonka @KpopGirl17 @caitlind9898 @otakulover978 @Kuramariin @JonesyonMars @kiarastiger @supershowolarmy @merryjayne13 @jessiingreen @aishalakshmi @SaranghaeMariX0 Sorry for all the tags XD
😢😢😢 you hit me in my FEELS! thanks for welcoming me from day one! sometimes, especially recently, it's been hard for me to just be me in other sns because of my bias Kim Hyun Joong and the ridiculous scandal he's going through. being hated on with your idol is hard! But no one at VINGLE has ever made me feel like i should be ashamed for loving someone unconditionally! YOU GET THAT and it means So Much! aww s*** I'm cryin! I LOVE YOU GUYS! Thanks so much! I was accepted right away with open arms unconditionally! 😢😢😢😍😍😍😚😘😙
This community give me pain you guys know how to hit someone right in the feels. I hope you guys know Im not kidding when I say I love you.♡♡ You guys deserve an award for your kindness
Awe~ omg is this like a Feels Day?? *sniffs* This is the reason why I prefer Vingle than Facebook honestly lol. So much love I'll give and receive
Omg! You guys are so sweet, I think I have cavities!
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