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I was checking out the R's on becoming a VIP and, *pouts* Oh... Its not possible for me because of certain R's and the FC not being available for Overseas.... :( Its ok I guess... :( I will love T.O.P. From way over hear. And i will ❤️❤️❤️ Taeyang and GD And Seungri and Daesung in my Own Way!!! #Fighting #BigBang #LOVE
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@ErinGregory Dae! I mean at least its what I read... Yg Ent not making it available until the VIP3 (3rd generation) possibly ... Becoming available... Not sure when the article was written but im hoping i can join the "actual" FC
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@dreemer13, hmmmm Thanks, I didn't know that :-(
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@poojas FC= FAN CLUB
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@dreemer13 I meant like which fan club? But it makes more sense now. Didn't know about the requirements... :/
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Oh! Hee Hee SORRY!!! Ya in VIPOfficial!
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