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What are your Expectations for the Naruto live action movie?? Personally mine arent too high because of the previous live actions that have came out. But who know maybe Lionsgate can justify tje anime and manga somewhat or at least partially (The video isnt mine Im just sharing the news)
I've never really seen Naruto...but I never keep my hopes up for live-action movies...ever since Deathnote happened...LOL
I don't really have any high hopes either. I wonder who will be the cast for Neji, Kakashi Sensei, Sasuke and I hope they don't add Believe it like they did in the dub anime. Well if it's not that great, at least I can make fun of it :D I just hope they don't screw up my Neji's character. I will be so mad!
LIve action....scares badly. I'm really, really hoping for something better from this, though!!!! We would -hope- that they notice how upset people have been with previous live action attempts....