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I'm only three episodes in but I'm already hooked. I'm taking one day off from my Attack on Titan Review but had to share these hilarious stickers I found (on RedBubble).
Which one is your favorite? LOL
This sums up the 2 years of Spanish I learned in high school. Hahaha
For all the pun lovers out there.
I sent this photo to my friend that watches SNK and they facepalmed. No regrets.
Gotta get your potatoes while they're still hot!
Like honestly, I feel colossally attacked right now!
What you peeking at? Am I the only one that finds this funny? Okay...
I saw this for the first time in episode 3. Jean is so weird! LOL
Who doesn't want a 50 meter cat? I want 2 of them!
I only included the ones I understood from the first 3 episodes. So I might do a part 2 later.
My favorite is the Armin one. How about you? XD
A Cat on Titan! So adorbs!
@poojas I love it! A cat on Titan! Hahaha. That's a WHOLE new show!!
@AkiraCondry @BPF1916 I hope so! You guys will know when I finish watching...I will come to you guys first to talk about it lol
@BPF1916 true... @poojas youll have to watch to find out ;P (don't worry nothing was spoiled lol)
@AkiraCondry although the episode of that picture reference (armin armout) is real sad :( the pic is hilarious though ahah
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