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Hilarious Attack on Titan stickers
I'm only three episodes in but I'm already hooked. I'm taking one day off from my Attack on Titan Review but had to share these hilarious stickers I found (on RedBubble).
Which one is your favorite? LOL
This sums up the 2 years of Spanish I learned in high school. Hahaha
For all the pun lovers out there.
I sent this photo to my friend that watches SNK and they facepalmed. No regrets.
Gotta get your potatoes while they're still hot!
Like honestly, I feel colossally attacked right now!
What you peeking at? Am I the only one that finds this funny? Okay...
I saw this for the first time in episode 3. Jean is so weird! LOL
Who doesn't want a 50 meter cat? I want 2 of them!
I only included the ones I understood from the first 3 episodes. So I might do a part 2 later.
My favorite is the Armin one. How about you? XD
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A Cat on Titan! So adorbs!
2 years ago·Reply
@poojas I'd totally see that!! You know SO many people would, too!!! Way too many people sit around watching cat videos all day. This movie would be a blockbuster hit! "...one band of soldiers standing against a threat so vile *cough* so evil... A CAT ON TITAN!" *sounds of screaming humans* Boom... Boom... Boom <--kitty chase "In theaters this fall!" MEEEEEOW! (I'm such a dork.)
2 years ago·Reply
The cat one though awwwwwww
2 years ago·Reply
@JessicaChaney You're into anime as well? WOOT @ButterflyBlu Right? I really want that movie to happen now! *meow* @vulpix Right? So adorable!
2 years ago·Reply
Mikasa sure casa got me so badly I had to look down xD
2 years ago·Reply