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OH MY DEAR SWEET GREAT SPIRIT... It was the worst thing i could dream! I woke screaming at 4AM "NO NO NOOO!!" I had dreamnt that TOP had died! It was night and there was a full moon! Although it was just a dream, i woke up for work a few hours later and when i got there i IMMEDIATELY began to look for anything regarding OPPA! In my dream i had just got an email about him dying... And i had ran out of my house and looked at the sky... I YELLED AT THE HEAVENS!!! "YOU GAVE HIM TO US! WHY WOULD YOU TAKE HIM AWAY FROM THISE THAT LOVE HIM!" The moon was saddened by my Pain and My words... And it to began to Weep, but then it began to cry "Red" the color of blood! And i remember telling the moon... ITS TO LATE! YOU ALREADY TOOK HIM FROM ME! ...... I know it was just a dream... BUT MY HEART AND MIND WERE SOOO SCREWY THE NEXT DAY that even now Im left with a sense of "OH NO!" #TOP #BIGBANG #LOVE