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Ppl you may think I'm a jerk for doing this card but I HAVE TO RELIEVE SOME STRESS and the only way I know how to do that right now is to make fun of the person(s) who are stressing me out... so, here goes...all memes are taken from Pinterest. Credit to original creators. Fake SMS is ALL ME to show you how it's done!
So you hire a lawyer and he assures you that you can sue someone and get a lot of money. Even though you told multiple lies to and about your boyfriend and have no real evidence about your claims, he will help you think of something. BUT, the court throws out the evidence you created after spending 7 months working on it so hard!
So you decide to take revenge and publish your private convos (with a LOT of doctoring and omissions to make your boyfriend look like a GIANT a**hole) to the media to punish and scare him into giving you what you want. Meanwhile, your attorney gives interviews and answers reporters questions with irrelevant and contradicting statements that make everyone go WTF?
Ppl are believing you! Azzza! Now it should be easy to get your money! THE END.
Wait what???
@Aimeeh he's my bias for life nothing will change that. I know better than to believe her appalling lies. I also know he's a man and just a human being. Her doing this to him is just vicious and shows her true colors. SO EVIL!
@AngelJoong86 I couldn't have said it better myself!
@AngelJoong86 I agree. Some women are greedy and inconsiderate of others feelings. I hope this will be over soon for him. He's still one of my favorites.
@Aimeeh for sure it's sad and disgusting. all of this bc she couldn't let go of her cash cow. 馃槤
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