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So I didn't get to win @Vingle tickets to see Big Bang.. and yes!!! I am very bummed because they are my idols...my leaders...and I'd do anything to be able to see them or meet them..but I guess it wasn't meant to be this time around..with that being said I want to take the time to wish happiness and the best to those who didnt win and of course express happiness and congratulate those of you that did!! God is good! SO GOOD!!! Please remember to post photos of your experience for all of us!! Much love to you all and wishes for a safe trip from yours truly!!
this just in @ErinGregory and @AkiraCondry won!!! waaahhhhgg!!! Im so excited for you!! congrats!!!!!
This is so nice! I really hope all of us VIPs get a chance to see them in concert one day :)
@poojas me tooo