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Kpoperz understand Kpoperz
So my friend and I were at mcdonalds and we have this thing we do if any one around us says WOW we say Fantastic Baby. So anyways this guy was looking at his phone and almost literally yells wow. I look at my friend and we say Fantastic Baby. Well out of no where this girl goes DANCE WOOOHOO I WANNA DANCE. So i slowly get out of my seat walk over to her fist bump her and she goes "respect" i just shake my head and walk back over to my table and finish my lunch.
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totally never know when you might meet a fellow kpoper...
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awesome friendship you got there
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vip forever
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this is probably a weird thing to say but, what if you walk in McDonald's and they are there and there is a stripper pole in the middle and they began dancing on it.
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