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"Swaglish" Challenge
@kookiebyu swag swagswaggy swaggity swag swag, Swaglish. Swag swagg swaggy Suga swaggy swagswagswag swagg Swaglish swag swagg. SWAGSWAG!! Swag swaggy swag Swaggity! (Swag, swag swaggy swagswag swaggity.)
Translation: @kookiebyu and I invented our own language, Swaglish. We were inspired by Suga and wanted to challenge you all to speak Swaglish for one week. OMG!! Hope you can all join! (I know, we are weird but cool)
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swwwaggggggg (awwwww) swaggity swag swag sawggy swag swag (haha this is stupid in a good way)
2 years ago·Reply
@B1A4BTS5ever swagswag (it is) xD
2 years ago·Reply
@B1A4BTS5ever Swaagg (yeeah) swag swagg swag swag swaggy swag (I wanna cancel this already) swag swag swagg swagg swaggy (but lets see how this goes)
2 years ago·Reply
Swaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag (cool)
2 years ago·Reply
swag swag swag infirers
2 years ago·Reply