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When you think of G-Dragon and Top you think that Most Amazing Bromance ! These two are just everything!
First we are gonna start with Top Oppa . With his dashing good looks, his extremely deep voice and his intense stares he is the total package .
Next we have G-Dragon Oppa . He is just an all around Cutie. He is known for being diverse in everything . What more can be said besides he is just Perfect !
Last but not least we have these two amazing men laying with one another . I know I'm not the only one who wishes for them to be together.
oh how are Korean men so comfortable with each other like this? even if they're gay bi straight i don't care they're HOT and i wish i was in that bed with both of them! fangirling faint! 😱😤😍😵
Lol <3 *Sighs*
wooow everything about G.D is perfect he is awesome.