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G-Dragon and Top !!
When you think of G-Dragon and Top you think that Most Amazing Bromance ! These two are just everything!
First we are gonna start with Top Oppa . With his dashing good looks, his extremely deep voice and his intense stares he is the total package .
Next we have G-Dragon Oppa . He is just an all around Cutie. He is known for being diverse in everything . What more can be said besides he is just Perfect !
Last but not least we have these two amazing men laying with one another . I know I'm not the only one who wishes for them to be together.
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oh how are Korean men so comfortable with each other like this? even if they're gay bi straight i don't care they're HOT and i wish i was in that bed with both of them! fangirling faint! 馃槺馃槫馃槏馃樀