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The New York Knicks and the Chicago Bulls face each other for the third time after their latest matchup on December 21, 2012, when the Bulls defeated the Knicks 110-106. Individual Leaders NYK CHI Points Anthony 29.3 Deng 17.4 Rebounds Chandler 10.3 Noah 10.4 Assists Felton 6.3 Hinrich 5.6 Team Stats NYK CHI Scoring 102.2 93.4 Rebounding 40.0 43.3 Assists 20.3 23.0 Analysis: Last time they played against each other, the game was extremely physical, as 4 individuals, including Carmelo Anthony, Joakim Noah, Tyson Chandler, and even Coach Mike Woodson, were ejected. Ejections aside, the Bulls dominated throughout the game, as Chicago outplayed the Knicks in almost every facet of the game. Joakim Noah rebounded well on both ends of the floor, and the inside presence allowed the Bulls perimeter players (Hinrich, Deng, Bellinelli) to shoot lights out from downtown. The Bulls will adopt a similar game plan for their next matchup against the Knicks, and the Knicks better prepare for it without losing their composure last time. Carmelo has shown signs of uncontrollable temper, as seen from his outrage after the Celtics game. If the Knicks stick to their strong suits (Chandler and Camby in the post, J.R. Smith playing well, shooting the 3-ball), then they stand a chance against the Rose-less Bulls. Prediction: On paper, the Knicks should be able to take care of business, as long as they stick to their game plan. Carmelo Anthony will have to keep up his scoring prowess, and the Bulls should focus on containing Anthony and perhaps getting to his nerves. Anthony has shown signs of shakiness when opponents get in his head, and Noah is the perfect candidate to mentally disturb the Knicks' superstar. However, Anthony should have learned his lesson from his suspension after the Celtics game, and the Knicks will get by the Bulls' tough defense and cruise to a victory. NYK 99 - CHI 92