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You know what I mean. The power is to overwhelming, WE CAN'T HANDLE THE CUTE-NESS!!!!!! XD.
......You know you can't deny them though xD. They are too darn cute to ignore ♡♡♡. *I do not own the beautiful gifs used*
this reminds me of GD in Let's Not Fall in Love. I couldn't deal
@najalong1998 this GIF! It's absolutely life!
@najalong1998 Thanks for your help and recommendations. I'll post a card when I start watching it. I had seen him in the Nell music video, The Day After, with Song Jae Rim, but I've seen never seen him in anythings else.
@CandaceJordan pleeeeease do its a really good show, there was a movie he was in called Spellbound he is amazing in it and he looks fantastic you can watch it at http://www.dramabuds.com/spellbound-episode-1-english-sub/
@najalong I've been trying to find that info for the longest. I will be watching this in the future.
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