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I took a minute off work. and looked outside the window to check this view you see up there. and then I wanted to try my LG G4 camera at night as it comes with amazing specs to enhance the night photograph. these photos where taken with manual setting mode. and they were also compared with the Galaxy S6 Edge that will upload their photos soon.
let me know how your phone's camera works at night !
Beautiful scenery and for a phone it has a pretty good resolution
@xceeder Congrats I believe you made a good choice ! and I am looking forward to see your photos ! you don't really have to be a photographer to shot on G4. settings are simple, easy and friendly using.
@maymay75 Thank you. I will be posting more photos .
@inspgadget I highly recommend you to trying the night shots with this amazing phone.
I love my G4. Haven't had a chance to try any night shots with it yet though.
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