sorry the picture are horrible quality i tool them from my phone TvT i don't have a good camera. But they were amazing!!!!
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Super Junior oppas did an amazing job!!! I enjoyed a lot n was my 1st time see them performing a live n so close!!
@lizze26 me too!!!!!! It was my first time at Kcon amd seeing Super Junior live. I was fangirling so hard that my voice almost dissappear. But I'm glad we bith had fun.
@DulceZelaya yes we did!! ^-^ I enjoyed both days of concert!! Shinhwa oppas the legend of all the bands boys of kpop!!! ^-^ ♡ ♡
@lizze26 yes it was an honor to see them *^^* because I heard they are having a farewell concert soon :/ . I think that means they are retiring???? I'm not sure.
I wish they can have a concert in USA. Hopefully, they won't. I don't think so maybe cuz everyone have different staff to do.