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KBS and TV Chosun report that three female celebrities will be summoned for their illegal use of Propofol, a sedative also known as “Milk Shot” among abusers. (This is the same drug that allegedly killed Michael Jackson. KBS and TV chosun stated, “Seoul District Central Prosecutor’s office has been investigating illegal distribution and use of Propofol among 6 plastic surgery and dermatology clinics in Seoul. In their investigation, they have gathered circumstantial evidence to believe that three female celebrities have been illegally injecting Propofol.” These celebrities got Propofol from the hospitals by faking a plastic surgery and/or getting injected with Propofol without a legal prescription. TV Chosun reported that these three celebrities are well-known actress L, rookie actress J, and a TV entertainer H. The prosecutor’s office will continue to investigate Propofol abuse based on data they have gathered so far and will summon the three celebrities in the near future. I just want to know, who is it?