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I dont think Ive ever longed for someone like I longed for you tonight. It was eating me alive all I wanted was to hold you close. Hearing your voice gave me some comfort. Still it couldnt make up for you not here. Do you remember my wish? That wouldve come in handy tonight. Your laugh always makes me feel better even when Im sad. Thats why Im such a smart ass just to hear it. You have no idea how much I appreciate you. Everything youve ever done for me I want to thank you. Actions speak louder than words so Ill spend each day thinking of something to do. I wish there was a way I can show you how much you mean to me. There isnt words cant even describe it. Anything I come up with would be a grave understatement. If only we could see each other through each others' eyes. You cant help but wonder what we would find. In me youd see my pure, blinded, undying love. Youll see that I love every part of you and everything about you. My respect for you as well, your unwavering and I commend you. Not alot of people stand by themselves anymore theyre all sellouts. Youre different though, guess thats why I love you. Id probably see just how much you really care about me. Sadly no one has ever cared about me anywhere near how you do. If I wouldve died tonight you wouldve actually cried for me. Youre the only one thats why I stayed. No matter what I cant hurt you or leave you behind. I mean out of everyone I know your the only on that would miss me. You miss me when we text I cant imagine how bad it would be if I died. You cry at the idea, I dont even wanna consider losing you. It would destroy me inside and out. I feel bad for what happened tonight just because what you went through. Yes I know you forgive me and your just happy Im still here. No one can tear through my heart like you. When it turns to ice there you are with a flame thrower. Sometimes I wish I could help you more. Then I realize wait shes ok. Shes more mentally stable than you are. For once I wanna see the future. I wanna take the 50/50 bet I never take. Its all because of you. Youre so amazing I cant get enough of you. Honestly Im shocked how I lived before I met you. Just because now I know I couldnt live without you. Vanny to me youre perfect inside and out. The total package Im lucky that you want ny heart. One day we can be together forever. Thank you for saving me from myself. Please never forget that I love you so much. I miss you and I cant wait to hear from you. Always yours Eli