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Bethe stepped into the octagon with Ronda, with a fearless look. Well maybe she should of brought a little fear with her.
Bethe can say she at least stood in the ring at the same time as Rousey. Like most of the champs last few fights, this one ended in less than a minute. Thirty-four seconds to be exact.
Ronda got Bethe on the cage and it all went down from from there. Bethe had no counter attack whatsoever.
Rousey beat Correia in her hometown of Brazil. In the end everyone in this sold out Brazilian event where chanting for Rousey. Did this fight go as you expected? What are your thoughts on Rousey's domination?
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@buddyesd yeah she is, love her!
@k8wnba20 she gonna be in any more movies?
@buddyesd actually in her post interview in the locker room she said she would be filming soon. I was about to upload it.
@k8wnba20 cool I can't wait :)
I know she was going to win Correia. It's a matter of how long it's going to take. And she didn't fail!